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Customer Focused Intuitive eSignature Unique Features

We have carefully crafted many features out of our years of experience and engineering wisdom, and the 50+ years of combined hetergeneous domain expertise we have, that bring excellent productivity to the customers.


Digital Asset Vault

A robust product with a unique feature like never before. Store your digital assets like signature, stamps, photo etc. in safe vault once and use many times on a single click across the document. Less effort, more safety, security, compliance & reliability for stakeholders involved. Learn more >

Guided Document

Another unique feature that saves time and effort by avoiding disagreement later and bringing the parties invovled to be "on the same page" regarding the content of the document much before it is even shared for signatures. This feature provides real-time collaboration. Learn more >


This feature brings in more compliance and reduces disputes about signing the documents while bringing more security. This comes with the customizable option to choose this feature mutually by teh sender and recipient thus handling any privacy concerns Learn more >


We have enhanced the utility of the product with extensions/customizations like - an optional OCR which cautions recipient of any words that he/she needs to focus more on. More controls & measures for avoiding any potential disputes like approving the doc by tool and by signature, having the "sign here" indicator to stay even after signing for better proof etc. Learn more >

Let's know more about eSignatures.

Many say, change is the only constant, but when it comes to adopting a new change especially if you have been comfortable or gotten used to a particular way, Change becomes a paradoxical force that elicits both hope and fear. Resistance to change is an innate human tendency, stemming from the comfort found in the familiar and the apprehension of the unknown. If such a needed change involves a health or a Techno-legal product, the resistance becomes stronger.

Are eSignatures legally valid & acceptable across the world?

The first question that comes to mind when trying to switch from the cumbersome and time consuming traditional wet signatures to eSignatures is - Is eSignature legally valid? Then the next question is - Is your company compliant with the applicable legal validity regulations?

The answer for both the questions is a big YES.

eSignatures or electronic signatures are very much legally valid and accepted across the world. They have the same status as the wet signatures (barring a few conditions and scenarios like immovable property signatures etc. Please consult your attorney to find out more on any specific/special need you have, on any exceptions). As for our company it is not only compliant but also has a lot many advantages

How do eSignatures work?

Our eSignature process is much like wet signatures (traditional paper signature process). It is almost like a digital version of wet signatures.

  • Browse & Upload a document of various allowed types/formats.

    Usually one "document" that you send for signatures is considered as one "envelope".
    Think of it as the physical envelope that you use to send the document in post to recipient for signatures.

  • Prepare the document by dragging and dropping fields on the document (or you can call digital assets, like signature, stamps, photo etc.) where you want the recipient (signer) to sign and drop other digital assets
  • Send the prepared document to the recipient via email
  • The recipient opens the document via the link received in the email or our portal (if he/she has account) and places signature, stamps, photos, selfie, attaches documents etc. and sends it back to sender
  • All information about the progress and status of the document is shown on the dashboard

That's it! Isn't it easy and fast? Unlike the paper sign, you can have more efficient document management, storage, search etc.

I am happy with paper (traditional) signature. Why should I move to eSignature?

By adopting an eSignature solution, you actively reduce paper waste and minimize the need for printing, scanning, and physical document storage. This significantly decreases our ecological impact and helps preserve forests, ensuring a greener future for generations to come

By embracing digital signatures, you reduce the demand for paper production, which involves cutting down trees and consuming vast amounts of water and energy. This conscious decision helps us contribute to a more sustainable ecosystem.

Traditional document workflows often involve transportation, shipping, and physical storage which is not only cumbersome but also does not allow easy searching, leading to increased carbon emissions. By transitioning to an eSignature product, you eliminate the need for these activities, resulting in a significant reduction in your carbon footprint and a positive impact on the environment.

Ofcourse, this brings in efficiency, saves time and resources, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. Also, due to the rapid digital transformation we are witnessing especially due to recent developments in the world, it may not be a surprise if eSignature becomes ubiquitous and de facto standard soon.So early adoption always gives an edge

Yet another Product amongst many?

There are so many eSignature Apps in the market. Are we just - "yet another" product? No, We are not! We agree everyone claims so, about their product, so we urge you to experience it yourself.

We have put a lot of thought and analysis into the design & technology so that our product brings you the best from ease of use, closer to the robust wet signature mode, innovative features that enhance productivity, more credibility, low-cost high-quality security perspective.

Let me give you a small example/scenario. Suppose you received an email link to sign a document. Assume someone had a temporary quick access to your email. Assume that person forwarded the email to his/her email ID. He gets to sign the document from his/her email ID. Our App doesn't allow that mischief even if he/she forwards the email to self. Not many Apps, including those of the established players have this security shield

We do not believe in giving you what we have, we believe in giving you what you need!

Tools are enablers to carry out your business smoothly and effectively. They should remain so and not introduce any complexity. This is the core principle we had in mind when we developed our product.

User experience & productivity are extremely important for us. It is not about technical prowess. It is about harnessing the power of technology to address customer needs. Otherwise it simply becomes unuseful proliferation of technology

It is very close to our heart for various reasons. It's our commitment to social responsibility, saving the future generation, and minimizing our carbon footprint

We put 'art' and 'heart' into it aside from technology and requirements.

What are Digital Signature Certificates (DSC)?

Without getting into technicalities, Digital signature certificates and eSignatures are different forms of accepted electronic signatures. While both are legally valid and accepted, how they are created, technologies, security processes & levels, who issues them, how to use them, presumption of validity etc. differ. In fact most countries and laws consider that even oral contracts are legally binding agreements.

Though oral contract has legal validity, One of the challenges with them is providing evidence of the agreement's terms in case of a dispute. Without a written document, it can be challenging to establish the exact terms of the contract, leading to potential disagreements between the parties.

Please understand that this is a broad guidance of the concepts and not a legal advise. Please consult your attorney or legal team to be advised on your specific needs, scenarios and applicability of laws to your context.

About Us

Paper Sign (PS) is founded by industry veterans in diverse fields. This heterogeneity brings us the edge that helps us provide exceptional value to the customers. Learn more >