Digital Asset Vault

A robust product with a unique feature like never before. Store your digital assets like signature, stamps, photo etc. in safe vault once and use many times on a single click across the document. Less effort, more safety, security, compliance & reliability for stakeholders involved.

Guided Document

Another unique feature that saves time and effort by avoiding disagreement later and bringing the parties invovled to be "on the same page" regarding the content of the document much before it is even shared for signatures. This feature provides real-time collaboration.


This feature brings in more compliance and reduces disputes about signing the documents while bringing more security. This comes with the customizable option to choose this feature mutually by teh sender and recipient thus handling any privacy concerns.


We have enhanced the utility of the product with extensions/customizations like - an optional OCR which cautions recipient of any words that he/she needs to focus more on. More controls & measures for avoiding any potential disputes like approving the doc by tool and by signature, having the "sign here" indicator to stay even after signing for better proof etc.